Spiritual Advisor

Being a spiritual advisor, I always try to make my approach very simple yet interesting, If you feel inclined towards Spirituality, the first and foremost thing you need to learn how to control your curiosity. Be open-minded so you can easily understand the depth of every piece of advice given to you by your mentor.

Try to talk to people of the same interest to explore your own intuitive, healing abilities. Share; your thoughts, and learn from their experiences. Be a good listener; it will help you to clear your thoughts and doubts while you grow to your interest.

If you are willing to ask me something or want to clear your mind with ongoing negative thoughts and unpleasant emotions

Spiritual Healer

Spiritual healing is a form of spiritual practice. The healing is done by the expert, involving the transfer of the energy through some sacred chants. The healer channelizes the energy coming from the Creator through mind, body, and spirit.

The spiritual healer can heal the person from chronic disease, negative energy effects. In many of the cases, I have seen negative energy affecting the person by creating some physical problems in the body that can be hard to identify in medical reports. One can see or feel the symptoms like pain, swelling, scratch, or redness however the cause is unknown. In such cases, the condition gets worse with every passing day.

The role of the spiritual healer starts from here, the capabilities to check for the root cause of the diseases and heal the victim by removing the negative energy from the person by transferring the white light energy (visualization healing) to its mind, body, and soul are only be performed by the expert practitioner.

After the treatment, the person gets back to normal life without any mental pressure and physical illness.

If any of these problems are bothering you it better you talk to someone you trust and feel like they can help you or guide you to the right path. Don’t ignore such cases because they can ruin your life completely and you will be left with nothing.

It’s better to talk before it gets too late!

Life Reading

“Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors for you where there were once only walls”

Joseph Campbell

Answers to all questions about life decisions, interpretation of your dreams. Daily life problems, office & business issues, missing people or documents, and many more. Yes, I can help you with them and that also which I haven’t written here.

Life reading is a unique way to get insight into your life, clearance of thoughts. The unclear feelings which you are not able to share with anyone. Life Reading will be secure and private. It’s a one on one conversation. You can get your reading on call, skype, or email.

Anyone can contact me for life reading from students, businessmen, homemakers, professionals, artists, politicians, children, youth, old age, and spiritual seekers. There is no bar or limit. Every question will be valued equally and answered.

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing means looking back with love and care to your roots. Healing your family tree yourself and your descendants. They are coming from generations and passing on to the forthcoming generations.

It’s important to heal your ancestor’s agony, doing so can help you from energetic patterns that can have a negative influence or blockage is not only yours but your entire family tree will get badly affected.

If, your ancestors are not satisfied or happy with your deeds. They are emotionally, spiritually hurt on some points their unsolved problems may create obstacles in your life. That can be physical, mental, emotional, and financial. Their energy blocks your pathways to success, earning, and prosperity.

You will be ruin to the core. They make sure you don’t get a single reason to be happy or enjoy your life. It’s similar to any curse those passes on to every new generation.

Comfort your ancestor by ancestral healing. Perform rituals or prayers for them, by helping them you’ll be helping yourself. Release them from their pain and torment with heartfelt good intentions.

Try to contact the expert for guidance if you are not able to find the proper way to connect with your ancestors and ease their suffering. The energy pattern transforms once your ancestor forgives you or any other person in the chain for its bad deeds. You can always ask for forgiveness on behalf of your family and loved ones. Once things get normal your life will come on track all happiness, success, and prosperity will come to you in a form of blessings from your ancestors.

Find ways to solve issues in your life with an optimistic approach, everything is possible. Still feeling lost and helpless

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