PCOD Treatment with Yantra/Taweez

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  1. We will send you a bottle of mantra infused honey and you have to start consuming it 3-4 days before the expected monthly cycle. There are no side effects as we use only natural ingredients and the best brands of honey.
  2. Use it continuously for 7 days.
  3. It is advisable to bless the honey with incense sticks and pray for good health.
  4. Results will be visible in 7 days.
  5. Keep it in a clean place where no one with dirty hands can touch it.
  6. For shocking results, consume it early in the morning in an empty stomach 3-4 times, every 4-5 hours.


You can use it along with your Ayurvedic or Allopathic treatment. Though, you will not need any of these treatments once you use it.

Yes. PCOS and PCOD are essentially the same diseases. It’s just that some doctors believe that it is a syndrome while some say it is a disorder.

Yes. Since high amount of androgen will promote faster maturation of primary oocytes in the female, these limited oocytes will get exhausted leading to a decline in fertility.

Like any other disease, even the symptoms of the PCOD will aggravate and cause severe impact on body functions.

No. It is a misconception but in reality, PCOD is an endocrinological disorder.

Obesity can cause PCOD. PCOD can cause disturbance to the menstrual cycle. This will in turn cause low menstrual flow.

Hair loss, Hirsutism, High blood glucose, Obesity.

Quite possible. This is because the levels increase in PCOD which are responsible for hair loss in females.

Ignorance, unhealthy life and mismanagement of the disease.

Allopathic medicines only suppresses the symptoms but not cure them. With Spiritual healings this can be cure with no side- effects.

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