Are you spiritually awakened? – Wake yourself today

Take a look at yourself. Do you feel different?

Do you feel a little detached? Feeling the world from a new perspective?

Or perhaps, feeling different from inside?

That can all lead to one conclusion – you are trying to be spiritually awake.

However, it is easier said than done when you don’t even have an idea what I’m talking about. That’s why I have prepared this guide. To help people like you attain spiritual awakening naturally.

You should be armed with all the knowledge you can get on this topic before you begin your journey, so for people who are amateur in this field, lets start slow and from the basics.

1.What is spiritual awakening?

The first question we all shall ask ourselves is –

“Do I know what Spiritual awakening is?”

Don’t let your ideas of the topic be based on fictional works. Works of fiction are not always accurate to express this great phenomenon to its fullest capacities. It is something equalling to trying and describing what love is.

For many people it can mean one thing while others can take it in another way. Some people limit this experience to having attained the knowledge of this world. Others take it as broadly as the attainment of love.

So, how can we people, who have no idea about this topic take it? Which idea should we be embracing on?

To start off with, lets go into this completely blank without any bias toward any group.

Now think on it a little. Do you want to attain enlighten on the basis of certain principles or do you want to attain it on your own terms?

The first one will provide you with a guide to follow and a path to take. You will not have much freedom but you will get there without much hassle.

The second one will make you look for your own path to awakening. You will be going in completely blind and it could take you anywhere between a day to years to awaken spiritually. The only thing you will have is the freedom to try out things.

The destination for both is the same –

2. Are you spiritually awakened?

The puzzling thing about this whole topic has to be the awakening itself.

For some people, it can take their whole lifetime to attain spiritual awakening. It is possible if you start today, you might never get to the stage you want to get to.

Then there are people who have achieved this stage without even being aware of this fact. It might just so happen that you have already attained this stage without even being aware of this fact.

So, is there a method for us to know for certain? Can this energy be detected by us humans?

While there is no lab test for you to know for sure, there are symptoms which can indicate spiritual awakening in humans.  For your benefit, lets go over some of them quickly.

2.a) Feeling the change

2.b) Wanting to be alone

2.c) Meaningful dreams

2.d) Feeling more sensitive

2.e) Change in everyday pattern

2.f) Feeling of being connected

2.a) Feeling the change

Can you feel something different with you? Something which was not there to begin with? Anything with your feelings?

This should have happened without any explanation to you. One day you work up feeling different – that is the type of thing we are talking about here.

You can even connect it with a feeling of being able to feel what is going to happen.

The world may feel like an illusion which is binding you but you are able to see it for what it is – this is the change in feelings you start to get when you start to awaken in your spiritual powers.

It feels like the canvas of this world is revealing new colours to your eyes.

2.b) Wanting to be alone

The type of alone we are talking here is not the type depressed and emo people force themselves to be in.

This is a more spiritual alone time. Losing yourself in thoughts about this world and other philosophical thoughts you never even considered before – this can be the start of a spiritual awakening.

This can also be attributed to being more in-tune with your inner self all the time.

Weighing your actions, being aware of your own faults, righting what you did wrong, cleaning your own mind: all these steps are the indication that you are awakening more into your true self and are starting to come out from the falsehood of this world.

2.c) Meaningful dreams

Dreams can tell a lot about the inner the inner workings of a human brain. In the same sense, it can also give information of spiritual situation of human beings.

Where most people dream of falling or achieving success, you might be dreaming of world peace, meaning of this world and even how to attain spiritual powers and cleanliness.

You will also be able to remember your dream most of the time and your brain will take you back to it again and again to figure out the meaning of those dreams. Your dreams will cease to be your own and instead will be for this world’s betterment.

Your dreams will give a purpose in life and you will feel attached to them. They will become a mission and will always be positive. In this way you can feel your contentment in fulfilling these dreams and your journey to spiritual enlighten will start.

2.d) Feeling more sensitive

Spiritual awakening will not only affect your mind but also your body.

You will feel more in-tune with your surroundings than before. You will be more aware of the needs of your surroundings than before.

Your five senses will become even more hyper-aware than before and they will guide you to do what you must to heal your surroundings.

Not only the nature and animals, you will also become more sensitive to human emotions and will be able to discover what you have not been able to up till now.

The would will cease to exist in its normal hue of senses and new colours will emerge for you to look at. You will feel compel to help the life on earth become better any way you can without personal benefit.

2.e) Change in everyday pattern

You won’t know when your normal every pattern changed. The changes will be major and will leave your normal self-shell shocked.

However, for a spiritually awakened person it will be nothing much to be shaken about.

If you are spiritually awakened, you will lose all interest in worrying. There will always be an optimistic approach to any topic and you will feel compelled to contribute.

Your sleep period will also increase with the fatigue period lengthening. You will also start to include more fruit and veggies in your diet than other food.

It may also happen that you start to make instinctive decisions than thinking it through. You might also start to feel a feeling of detachment with your current self and people around you which you are not able to explain.

If it happens to you, don’t panic unnecessary, – you might just be spiritually awakening.

2.f) Feeling of being connected

You might start to feel connected with your environment. With trees, animals and even air itself. Everything in nature would become you and you would become nature itself.

You might start to spend a lot of time alone with nature.  Long walks in parks early in morning might become a common phenomenon.

Hours and hours of sky gazing will become an everyday activity. You will feel yourself loosing your senses and becoming one with nature in every sense.

You will start to think objectively and worldly logic will fail to exist in your memory. You will start to connect everything and see this world as one big connection.

You will spend more time thinking about the connection of this world and out of earth logic that you will forget science even exist. You will also start to see the bigger problem in this world and fight to maintain the nature in its real form.

3. Don’t forget

Never forget that the people who are spiritually awakened are still people. They have feelings and values just as much as normal humans. People often thing if them as sick in mind. But that is not what the case is here.

They might not feel resentment at you for anything you say or do to them, that does not mean you need to go out of your way to make things difficult for them.

Always remember, these people no different than you or me. Even we can be a part of this society one day.

We need to practice love and care, learn to embrace change in society.

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