Psychic power user

Are you a Psychic power user?

The latent potential inside a human brain is limitless. It can twist reality, make reality and in many cases, unlock unlimited potential in forms of psychic powers. While your brain’s effect on the reality is rather subjective and is generally limited to one self, psychic powers can affect your surroundings also. The ability to intuitively understand others, being able to detect something about to happen or feeling aura, everything is categorised under one category – Psychic abilities.

What makes a person a psychic?

Is it your power that makes you psychic? Is it your mentality? Or is it something completely different? There is no way to exactly pin point a psychic user from an ordinary person. You can one day be an ordinary person and be a psychic the very next day or you can train you whole life to become a psychic but never bear fruits. So, how can you know you are one?

In a simple context, a psychic is able to influence its surroundings in a way inexplicable in scientific or biological terms. Being able to understand someone without a single interaction can make you psychic. Predicting future correctly can be another sign of you being psychic. However, this only works if it’s not a coincidence and there is no foul play involved.

Studies show that psychic people have a higher brain activity from normal people. Many times, their brain’s chemical activities may also be different from a normal human giving them unnatural abilities. They may be activated by extreme stress on the brain by external factors. A near death experience, adverse circumstances, extreme emotions are various factors that can contribute in the awakening of psychic powers inside humans.

How to recognize the signs of Psychic powers?

Do you feel odd at times around people? Have weird dreams that come true? Or go in a trance often without any medical fault? These all can be a sign of psychic powers inside you. There are no fundamental or biological difference between a normal person and a psychic person. The only things that makes a person a psychic is the reactions and working of the brain.

You can try out various tests to check if you are psychic or not, however, there is no real way to validate your claim on the subject. Try feeling your surroundings by mediating. Do you feel something different? Go into a trance while meditating? Get a feeling about what is to come? Or even have a dream about future? If yes, then this might be a sign of psychic activities.

If you ever come across such abilities in life, the first step would be to not panic and keeping a calm composure. Studies speculate that emotions have an amplifying effect on such abilities and may even cause damage to the user along with the surroundings. If there is even a little speculation of such abilities or a family history of such abilities, it is extremely important to have a brain scan for heightened brain activities for that person may be psychic.

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