Amazing ways for you to work with your Chakra

You are not some helpless person in this world. Everyone has powers inside them that enable them to perform incredible feats.

You will find different texts which will refer to it. One of the universally accepted title given to this power is termed as “Chakra.”

Most of the time this force is dormant inside the human body, however in some recessions you can force it out of your body. The trick is to balance your Chakra.

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Understanding the chakra points

Our body has eight chakra points situated in different parts of our body.

As these are similar to a ball of energy inside our body, but their intensity can be as much as a vortex.

You can imagine how much power these points have just by this comparison alone.

Getting some expert advice will always help you in the long run.

Recognise the Chakra Path

Chakra always flows in a single direction and passesother points.

Knowing the path can help you supress the access chakra in your points and help you gain a better control.

This diagram is a simple representation on how your charka enters your system. If you know this, you can start to evaluate where you fall in the spectrum and which place will help you cut and start the flow.

This can help you conserve chakra for important times, e.g. for a big game or a big test.

Balance by exercising

Before you go on your imaginary journey on how to control the chakra, just know that you can back out any time you feel that the strain is too great for you to handle.

The first step of the training is to imagine how your chakra flows through you. To do this, you need to know how it flows.

Once you are ready, regulate your breathing and slow down you heart. Imagine something flowing through you.

Don’t stress on colours at first and just let your body follow the flow thorough your body. To make it easier, you can try to lie down and imagine it flowing.

After some time, try and give it a colour to match.

Are you able to imagine it?

If you able to do this much, then try to stop and start the flow at will. This is the final step and a testament that you have conquered your chakra flow.

Balancing your chakra is not easy and you will face a lot of difficulty at the start. You will need to keep up at it and devote regular time to practice.

It’s not easy to start off with and not everyone has the capabilities to open all eight doors of their charka. However, if you keep up at it you surely will succeed in unlocking your own.

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